Replacing a lost title on an old vehicle


Six years later, I believe this blog has helped many people. I had to accept that I cannot hope to keep on top of the changes that Vermont does to the form. To that end, I will attempt to update the links more often, but cannot guarantee they are always correct.

With the rise of people pulling old cars out of fields and trying to restore them, a lack of paperwork has become a big issue. Some DMVs provide a great deal of resistance to this. Below, I will detail how one can easily get paperwork in their name for their car.

Some states do not issue titles for older vehicles and transfer ownership with registration and/or bill of sale. This is an advantage for those of us with older vehicles built in 1997 or earlier.

If you need a title for your classic car, you can do through the state of Vermont. Before you do this, contact your local DMV and see what kind of documents they require if buying a car from a non-title states

There are the steps you will need to follow.

1. Obtain this form

2. Download this form for directions

3. Create a bill of sale from someone to you with this information. Make, Year, VIN, Purchase Price, Mileage, Signature of Seller, Date of Sale.

4. Write check for amount you calculated.

5. Send to Vermont DMV

120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

6. Within 2 weeks you will receive a license plate and registration. Take this to your local DMV in your state and transfer it to yourself. You will now have a replacement title.

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18 Responses to Replacing a lost title on an old vehicle

  1. Skipper in WA says:

    Hi Ben, how did you handle VT’s Visual VIN inspection requirement.

  2. Ben Boyle says:

    As per this website

    I was not required to have a VIN inspection because
    “Used vehicles with out-of-state titles do not require VIN verifications as long as they were sold directly to the applicant(s) for Vermont registration and/or title by licensed Vermont or licensed out-of-state dealers, and they have not been previously registered or titled to the applicant(s).
    All other used vehicles with out-of-state titles are required to procure VIN verifications from the Vermont or out of state personnel listed above.”

  3. Dodad70 says:

    Hi Ben, how does this work for getting registration and plates for out of state residents? Usually a state will not issue them to you with out a residence in their state. How do you get around this?

  4. Barbara Kirsch says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    Just wanted to know if a VIN verification is needed in Texas!!

  5. Ben Boyle says:

    You won’t need a VIN inspection from a Vermont perspective. I am not certain what the Texas requirements will be. Contact your local DMV and see what documents they need to see when bringing in a car that is registered in Vermont.

  6. Will says:

    Did you use a Bill of Sale from your state or a Vermont Bill of Sale?

  7. Ben Boyle says:

    From my neighbor, with a Michigan address on it.

  8. Mal says:

    Thanks for your info. Ive been scammed by Joe Holmes at International Title Service.
    To read in your blog how to get a registration has been great.
    Do you think Ill be able to get registration for a 30 year old bike currently in CA when my address is over seas?

  9. Ben Boyle says:

    I got scammed by Joe Holmes as well. I had used him several times in the past
    then something went terribly wrong there.

    I do not know about you being overseas. Do you have anybody over in the USA who could
    do this for you?

  10. Joe says:

    Hi, Ben, I live in Pennsylvania and I’ve used ITS in the past (3 years ago) with pretty quick results, however, based on the current ITS Feedback and other feedback seen on the internet, I’ve decided to stay away from them. I am thinking about using the Vermont registration approach as has been suggested above. I have a few quick questions, the vehicle that I am considering registering is a 1986 diesel pick-up truck with a loaded weight of 5976 pounds and a purchase price of $675 by my quick calculations, the total fees would be: $27 (registration) + $40.50 (Tax) + $31 (Title) + $22 (Transfer ?) + $2.25 (priority Handling) = $122.75. My question: Is this the correct amount and must I pay an additonal fuel user fee ? In advance, thank you for your reply and for the help. Joe

  11. Ben Boyle says:

    The transfer fee is not required on a car that old. The only thing is they
    might not accept such a low purchase price. Worse case scenario they might
    ask for more.

  12. Nick says:

    Just went thru VT and got plates and a registration for a clean 70 VW bug that had no title. Used ($3.95) to check that nothing weird was up with the VIN first, then filled out the paper work, $65 for the plates and registration, then calculated the 6% tax from the purchase price and mailed it in… took just over a week.

  13. matt says:

    I used broadway title co when I was in florida for a 62 impalla. $200 6 years ago and there was a required vin verification whick could be verified by a police officer form the local county, district, or the county processing office. Worked for me as my neighbor was on the force. Quick (8weeks) and not to much pain.

  14. Ben Boyle says:

    That was 6 years ago, go to and you will confirm the following

    “Model Year or Type Price
    1947 to 1994 and all boat titles $445*

    1900 to 1946 and 1995 to 2000 $795
    2001 to 2011 $950

    Vehicles without a VIN or with a non-conforming VIN. This includes kit cars, replicas, street rods, rat rods, custom or home-built autos and motorcycles. $950**”

    The Vermont process will save you a SIGNIFICANT amount of money. You will be dealing with a DMV vs. a private company and you will not have to complete all this stuff.
    “Documentation we may require, but not limited to:
    Photo of the vehicle
    Photo of the VIN or HIN tag
    Photos of State Inspection sticker or copy of State Inspection report
    VIN Verification
    Notarized Bill of Sale
    Original notarized Vehicle Power of Attorney Authorization (form provided)
    Copy of your Driver’s License
    Proof of Insurance
    Completed ASE Inspection (for vehicle years 1947 to 1985 if roadworthy).”

    • Angel says:

      Great info! I live in California.. The worst state to try and register anything.. I’m looking to register a 1963 Impala and if im correct the fee’s will be as follows. Registration & plates $65.00, Tax $60.00 and priority handling $2.25 for a total of $127.25

      No title fee since VT does not title cars older than 15 years old and no transfer fee.
      Thanks for your help! Angel

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